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All the features you need in a comprehensive air navigation, flight planning, weather and live tracking application brought together in a single display with vfrTracker for iPad, designed specifically for the General Aviation Pilot.

vfrTracker (Southern Africa) is Apple iOS Web Application installed as an off-line application to your iPad. The application is available to our PREMIUM members and 10 day trial for FREE Members.

vfrTracker is a real-time aircraft navigation application with integrated flight planning. Using the navigation planner, you can prepare and store route plans to be used in the cockpit with our moving map display.

  • 10 day FREE member trial version
  • GPS Navigation and Moving Map display
  • Full Simulator Mode
  • Scribble/Note Pad
  • In application Help file

  • South Africa 1:500 000 & 1:1 000 000 Aeronautical Maps with 3 zoom levels
  • South Africa airspaces with lateral information and frequencies
  • Day and Night Maps
  • South Africa Airspace Layer
  • 3000+ Airports, Visual Reporting Points and Navigation Aids
  • Worldwide NOTAMS
  • Select Airfields, VRP and Navigation Aids directly from the map

  • Bearing Indicator (BI) and Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) with Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)
  • Groundspeed and VSI indicators
  • Airfield Approach Mode
  • Runway orientation indicator
  • Runway extended center lines
  • HSI, BI, XTE and bearing/distance information
  • Setting of HIS inbound radial (TO)
  • GOTO/Direct Routing
  • Top of Descent and Glide Angle indicators with setting of the glide-path angle
  • Live Trackering display
  • Navigation Status and Warning panel
  • Stopwatch

  • Flight Planning with Logsheet and Winds Aloft
  • Dynamic flight log with Fuel, EET and ETAs
  • Search Airports, Navaids, Places and Visual Reporting Points for Southern Africa
  • Saving of Flight Plans and Reversing of Route
  • Waypoint and leg flight information
  • Terrain

  • Current conditions, daily Forecast and Winds Aloft up to 27,000 ft
  • METAR/TAF Reports and Decoding
  • Surface conditions (wind, visibility, QNH and OAT) and airfield data
  • Sunrise and Sunset times
  • Forecast at Altitude (OAT and Wind)

  • Live tracking (requires GSM network) at set time intervals and displaying of other vfrTracker users on the navigation map.
  • Tracking Map with display other vfrTracker users
  • Notification Messages (terms and conditions apply)

  • notifications messages and sound
  • terrain
  • next waypoint commands and terrain
  • connection and server availability
  • weather – cloud cover > 5 and crosswind comp 15+ at airfield (APP in panel mode)
  • approach mode, weather runway in use etc.
  • airspace notification

  • vfrTracker is based on Apple iOS Safari Browser and Web Application standards.
  • The application is not available from the Apple Store, registration and installation are done at (current version: Southern Africa), see Installation Tab
  • Application download size – 3.1 MB
  • GPS coverage needed when using the application in navigation or flight planning modes
  • If possible, start the application with mobile network coverage
  • vfrTracker is design to be used in portrait screen – Portrait mode can be locked by double-tapping the HOME button on your iPhone/iPad, swiping right and selecting the lock button
  • Disable the ‘Auto-Lock’ on the device (Setting|General)
  • Set the brightness to maximum with in-cockpit use (Setting|Brightness)
  • The application is downloaded to the mobile device and can be used without mobile network coverage
  • After planning a route, pan the route in Navigation Mode to cache the maps tiles at the desired zoom level(s) to the application database for off-line use.
  • vfrTracker Releases
  • Please read the TERMS OF USE listed at the bottom of this page before using vfrTracker

  • Instructions and Registration Code
  • Launch vfrTracker
  • Enter your 7 digit registration code
  • Enter any 4 digit code TrackerMap Code, this code is used to delete your tracks from the Tracker Map
  • Setup the default setting for your aircraft and tracking period
  • Tap LET’S FLY to launch the application
  • Should the application prompt you to allow Location Based Services select ‘Yes’

  • Press and hold the vfrTracker Icon until the cross appears
  • Tap the cross and acknowledge the deletion of the application from the device

vfrTracker is based on Apple Safari SDK and for optimal performances requires an iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular. The 10 hour battery life is sufficient for most VFR flights. Minimum requirements:

  • iPad Air (preferred), iPad Mini or iPhone 5 to 8 (iPhone 3 and 4 is not supported)
  • iOS 7 to 12
  • Issue with iOS 13 is being investigated
  • 3/4G connection for online data
  • Internal GPS or iOS compatible Bluetooth GPS
Is vfrTracker available from the Apple App Store?
No, vfrTracker is a offline Webapp available from the the web address on this site.
Will vfrTracker function offline?
Yes, the app is fully functional offline, expert for the following data that need to be download/uploaded:

  • Weather, Wind Aloft and METAR/TAF
  • Terrain Data
  • MapBox map tiles
  • MapBox map tiles
  • Live tracking
  • Messeging
  • Satelite images
Does map download to the device for offline use?
All maps are available offline, please note that map tiles are loaded to the offline database as you pan the map for offline use. Therefore, you will need to pan the map for the areas you will be flying or along the route to be save to be used offline. Map box Day and Night themes are available offline as well.
Do I need a GPS connection to do my flight planning?
Yes, all functionality requires a GPS connection.
If I upgrade my iOS and do not have a GPS connection?
See device Stetting – Privacy – Location Based Services ON – vfrTracker (switch OFF and ON again)
Where can I find vfrTracker update history?
See vfrPlanner support forum section – vfrTracker – iPhone/iPad Software
I cannot add a waypoint/flight plan ?
Ensure that you have a GPS connection and that vfrTracker in the Location Based Service of the device settings is ON.
Terms of Use
1. vfrTracker is provided to you on an “as-is” basis without warranty of any kind, express or implied.
2. vfrTracker should NOT be used as a primary navigation device or be used in mission critical conditions or operations.
3. You expressly agree that the use the application is at your sole risk.
4. In no event shall our juridical person be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.
5. vfrPlanner and 3rd party providers does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or free of errors.
6. The Message notification service is supplied for your convenience without warranty of any kind. vfrPlanner will endeavor to contact the appropriate services in case of an emergency message received.
7. By activating the Tracker or Messaging function your position and aircraft details will be shown at the vfrPlanner. Note: This information and position are shared with other members on the Tracker Map.
8. No warranty are made wrt information, services or products provided through or in connection with this service and the providers expressly disclaims any and all warranties, including but not limited to:
a. any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
b. any warranties as to the availability, quality, quantity, content of services, goods or information provided.
9. Official Sources: vfrPlanner is not considered an official source for aviation- or weather data.
As such, you are advised to always consult official sources and obtain a proper weather briefing and other pertinent information to ensure you have the latest information.
10. vfrTracker should be used in conjunction with current NOTAMS.
11. Aeronautical Information: vfrPlanner, the National Geospatial Information Service (South Africa) and other map providers does not take responsibility for the currency and accuracy of the aeronautical data provided and information published on maps.
12. For 3rd party service provider acknowledgements, disclaimers and terms of use, visit
13. Ownership and Intellectual Property: You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified.
14. Registration: Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their registration code and are responsible for all conduct carried out under this registration. Members should promptly report any unauthorised use of their registration code to vfrPlanner.
15. vfrTracker is based on the Apple Safari SDK and HTML5+CSS3 web standards. vfrPlanner will not be held liable for any restriction that may be placed on this application due to changes by Apple to feature iOS releases or 3rd party services.
16. This terms of use is legally binding, and may be subject to change.
* effective 31-01-2013
Version History
vfrTracker should not be used as a primary navigation device or in mission critical conditions or operations. This application is intended to enhance situational awareness only.