MapsWe thank and acknowledge the following individuals and organisations for their contribution in making this site possible.


Airfields and Airscapes

  • Original Google 3D Airspaces by Lloyd Bailey
  • Airfield data is obtained from published maps, the internet, member contributions, David Megginson @ and our GPS

Weather and Notam Information

APIs and Libraries

  • Elevation information obtained from the Google Elevation API
  • Leaflet JS API
  • Geodesy Representation Conversion Functions by Chris Veness
  • Latitude/longitude Spherical Geodesy Formulae & Scripts by Chris Veness
  • Datejs by Coolite Inc
  • Magnetic variation information obtained from the USA DOD World Magnetic Model 2010-2015
  • PDF generation uses Bruno Lowagie’s iText library
  • Altitude and groundspeed graphs rendered with Walter Zorn’s Vector Graphics library
  • Magnetic variation calculation adapted from code by Ed Williams, using IGRF 10 field data
  • Elevation information obtained from the Topocoding Server – Topocoding API
  • Graph generations uses jsCharts